Microlepidoptera of Europe vol. 9

Tineidae II

Dette volumet omhandler 103 arter i familien Tineidae i underfamiliene Myrmecozelinae, Perissomasticinae, Tineinae, Hieroxestinae, Teichobiinae og Stathmopolitinae i Europa.

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Utgivelsesår: 2019-02
Antall sider: 208
Innbinding: Innbundet
ISBN: 9789004387508
Språk: Engelsk
Serie: Microlepidoptera of Europe
Forlag: Brill
Forfatter: Reinhard Gaedike

This second volume on Tineidae treats the subfamilies Myrmecozelinae, Perissomasticinae, Tineinae, Hieroxestinae, Teichobiinae and Stathmopolitinae of Europe. It presents information for the identification of 103 species of tineid moths. Information is added on the life history and distribution of each species. The distribution data are summarized in a table showing the records for each European country. 23 scientific names are synonymized and two taxa previously regarded as synonyms have proved to represent valid species.

Additional records are listed for species treated in volume 7, as well as two taxa which were overlooked before and nine new species are listed.




Material and Methods
The Body Structure of the Tineoidea
Collection and Preparation Techniques


1 Check-list of European and Macaronesian Myrmecozelinae, Perissomasticinae, Tineinae, Hieroxestinae, Teichobiinae and Stathmopolitinae
2 Systematic Treatment of the Genera and Species of the European Tineidae
3 Distribution Catalogue
4 Colour Plates
5 Drawings, Male Genitalia
6 Drawings, Female Genitalia


Additions to Volume 7

Index to Entomological Genus-Group Names

Index to Entomological Species-Group Names