My Weigh 7001DX – Digital bordvekt med 1g deling

My Weigh 7001DX er en flott bordvekt i stålforsterket ABS plast. De robuste vektene har justerbart display med baklys, slik at de kan avleses fra alle ulike vinkler. Kjempegrei vekt for kjøkken, kontor og ulike formål. Bolle og brevstøtte følger med.

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Varenummer: 750176 Kategori:
Kapasitet (g):7000
Deling (g):1,0
Dimensjoner (mm):150x200
Veieplattform (mm):140x140
Strømforsyning:AA batterier (AC adapter som tillegg)
Garanti (år):Lifetime/30 year worldwide warranty

Produsent informasjon

Patent Pending Adjustable Angle Display – tilts for easy viewing from any angle

The 3001P and 7001DX series are easy to clean and easy to use. Double-stopper protection, strong steel reinforced ABS plastic, and modular construction make these scales extremely durable.

These scales read in Grams, Ounces, Pounds, & Kilograms. This makes them perfect for Home, Office, Kitchen and thousands of other uses.  Included electronic features and accessories make this the optimum choice.

The Genuine My Weigh 3001P and 7001DX scales have special features such as a large adjustable angle backlit display, last unit memory, HOLD feature, adjustable audible beep function, adjustable auto-off times, digital auto calibration and much more

  • NEW: Adjustable Angle Backlit Display
  • NEW: Programmable Auto-Off feature
  • NEW: Programmable Audible Beep Function
  • NEW: Programmable Backlight Timer
  • runs on batteries (included) or optional AC adaptor
  • 0.1 oz / 1gram / 0.002lb / 0.001kg graduation
  • Remembers last unit used (g, kg, lb, oz)
  • Durable, contemporary design
  • Easy to read Backlit, adjustable 5 digit LCD display
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Modular construction Parts snap together
  • Wide rubber feet – scale will not tip
  • Overload protection
  • Rubberized Platform*, Easy to clean
  • HOLD, TARE, LB/KG/G/OZ & Beep functions
  • Recalibrate it with standard weights
  • Lifetime/30 year International Warranty

The 3001P & 7001DX are new models that are selling incredibly well.  They are the most well thought out and designed office & kitchen scale ever created.   The Backlit Adjustable Angle Display makes reading the weight incredibly easy (patent pending).  Included with the 7001DX is a Bowl, Letter holder and mailing tube holder.  The 3001P comes only with the bowl.

Accuracy +/-  0.1oz   |  0.002lb  |  0.001kg  |  1.0g
Capacity 3001P 6lb:10oz     |   6.650lb |  3.000kg  | 3000g
Capacity 7001DX 15lb:7oz     | 15.450lb  | 7.000kg   | 7000g
Modes Pounds:Ounces, Pounds, Kilograms, Grams
Scale Size 6" x 8" (15cm x 20cm)
Tray/Platform Size 5.5" x 5.5" (14cm x 14cm)
Warranty Lifetime/30 year worldwide warranty
Advanced Features Programmable Auto-Off times,  Audible Beep Function and backlight-off times
Included Accessories (7001) Large Acrylic Bowl, Letter Tube Holder, Mail/Envelope Holder, Large Backlit Adjustable Angle Display
Included Accessories (3001) Large Acrylic Bowl, Large Backlit Adjustable Angle Display
Power 3 AA Batteries (included) or AC Adaptor (optional)

Background of the new 3001P / 7001DX series
In 1998 we introduced the original 3001 and 6001 series scales.  They were a huge success and we sold more than 100,000 units during their production.  However we made one fatal mistake – we neglected to file design patents for the model and in 2001 we began to see various copies of our original design in the marketplace.  Thus we set out to design a new model (patenting the new design of course). We wanted to improve the scale to add all of the features and innovations that our customers had asked us for over the years.

First we applied "Basic" improvements by building our own software program and IC chips with advanced functions.  We added many advanced features including:

An adjustable or disable-able auto off feature.   This is very important to consumers because there are times that you may want to use your scale continuously for a long period of time.  If the scale was turning itself off every 5 minutes (for example), this could really interfere with your work.   Other times you might want to conserve power and have the scale turn off automatically after 1 minute of use.

An adjustable audible beep function.   Some people want to hear a "beep" whenever they press a button as confirmation.  Other people get very annoyed by this and want the scale to be silent. Thus we made our beep function with an electronic on/off feature.

An adjustable backlight time.  When you turn on the backlight of your scale – do you want it to remain on indefinitely – or would you like it to turn off after 30 seconds to conserve power?  With the 7001 you can decide how long the backlight should stay on for.

A HOLD feature. We were often asked to add a HOLD feature to our scales.  People complained that they would put an oversized box on the scale and couldn’t read the display.  So, we added a HOLD feature that holds the weight of an item on the display (simply put the box on the scale and press HOLD, then you can remove the box and see what the weight was on the display).

An adjustable angle display.  A common consumer complaint about the old 3001 and other kitchen scales is that it was difficult to read the numbers on the display.  This is caused by a multitude of reasons but the biggest has always been viewing angle.  It is impossible to design a fixed – angle display that can encompass all customers’ needs.  This is because every kitchen and office has a slightly different counter height AND every consumer’s eyeballs are at different heights (this also varies due to varying shoes, distance from the scale, room lighting, reflections, glare and much more).  These factors had to be considered over and over again.  We realized the only solution was to invent and adjustable angle display.  This way the consumer can move the angle of the display up or down until they find the optimum viewing angle.     Next we made the display more than 3X larger then the previous display and added a backlight.   Now we are confident that we have overcome the viewing angle problem entirely, and that the new 3001/7001 is the best designed kitchen office scale ever created to date.

The next improvement was in the area of Modes.   Our customers had specific needs, and we needed to accommodate every postal / shipping company.  Thus we made the new Ultraship read in Pounds:Ounces,  Pounds,  Grams, Kilograms.  This is very important because in the USA some people need their scale to display 5 1/4 pounds as "5lb : 4.0oz" and some people need it to be shown as "5.250lb".   Likewise for Kilograms some people need 2.5 kilograms to be displayed as "2.500kg" and some people need it to be shown as "2500g".       *one common mistake made by less-knowledgeable companies is to make their scales read in a straight Ounce mode.  We have never had a customer need 5 1/4 pounds to be displayed as "64.0oz" – Please be careful and read the fine print if you consider a non My Weigh scale. 

Last but not least we designed intuitive attachments.  Based on the wildly successful Ultraship,  we designed a deluxe letter holder that can hold both small individual letters and large padded envelopes.  It has a telescoping design so it can accommodate letters of every size.  Next we designed a mail tube holder that cradles mail tubes – rather then crushing them as pop up covers often do.  Our Tube and envelope attachments cradle items like a mother holding a baby, rather then the damaging compression technique used by older pop-up covers.  Last but not least we designed a large square acrylic bowl which we include with every scale.  This bowl fits snugly on the 3001P/7001DX.

The 3001P and 7001DX are the standard by which all other kitchen and office scales will now be judged.   There is simply no better mid-sized scale for your home, office or kitchen.