My Weigh iBalance 1200 – Digital bordvekt med 0,1g deling

My Weigh i1200 er en solid bordvekt med veieplate i rustfritt stål. Vekta er et stort display med baklys. Nøyaktig 1/12000 veiecelle. Med telleenhet, viser også seks ulike måleenheter, deriblant grains.

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Varenummer: 750149 Kategori:
Kapasitet (g):1200
Deling (g):0,1
Dimensjoner (mm):145x205
Veieplattform (mm):145x145
Strømforsyning:6 AA batterier eller AC Adapter (ikke inkludert)
Garanti (år):Lifetime/30 year worldwide warranty

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Produsent informasjon i500, i1200 og i2600

The i500, i1200, and i2600 are professional compact scales with a backlight and extra large LCD screen. The backlight makes it easy to read from a distance.   Each scale now comes with a large Stainless Steel tray, parts counting features and 6AA batteries or an AC Adaptor.

Scale professionals know that "multiplied" sensors simply won’t cut it when accuracy and durability count. The i500 uses a true 5000 division load cell,  the i1200 uses a true 12000 division load cell and the i2600 uses a whopping 26000 division load cell.  These commercial grade sensors make this scale incredibly accurate and durable. The i series also has an integrated thermistor to compensate for temperature changes and auto zero tracking to ensure stability.

  • Now Improved for 2007 with more features!
  • Reads in Grams, Ounces, Pounds, Troy Ounces, Pennyweight, Carats, and Grains
  • Tare and Beep function
  • Accurate +/- 0.1 gram
  • True division load cells
  • Large backlit LCD display
  • Large Stainless Steel Platform
  • Adjustable Auto Off and Backlight features
  • Advanced Parts Counting feature
Accuracy +/- 0.1g / 0.005oz / 0.05dwt / 0.005ozt / 0.5ct / 0.0005lb / 1gn
Max Capacity i500 500g  /  18oz  /  322dwt  /  16ozt  /  2500ct  /  1.1lb  /  7716gn
Max Capacity i1200 1200g  /  42.5oz  /  772dwt   /  39ozt  /  6000ct  /  2.65lb / 18518gn
Max Capacity i2600 2600g  / 91.71oz / 1672dwt / 83.6ozt / 13000ct / 5.75lb  /  23.4n / 40124gn
Operating Temperature 32-104F (0-40C)
Calibration Digital Auto with external mass: 500g (i500), 1200g (i1200), 2600g (i2600)
Parts Counting Standard (built-in) with 10,20, 50 or 100 piece sample sizes
Platform Size 5¾" x 5¾"  (145 cm x 145cm)  Genuine Stainless Steel
Scale Size 5¾" x 8"   (145cm x 20.5cm)
Power Source 6 AA batteries, or AC Adapter (included with some models)
Warranty Lifetime/30 year worldwide warranty