Phytophagous Beetles of Europe – Volume 3: Bruchidae, Apionidae, Anthribidae, Rynchitidae and Curculionidae Entiminae.

Biller innen familiene Bruchidae, Apionidae, Anthribidae, Rynchitidae og Curculionidae Entiminae er beskrevet og illustrert i boka.

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Fotos - illustrasjoner:farge- og s/h plansjer, kart
Serie:Phytophagous Beetles of Europe / Coléoptères Phytophages d'Europe
Forlag:NAP editions
Forfatter:Gaëtan du Chatanet

Forlagets omtale

The Curculionidae is the largest family of beetles and studying them is particularly difficult. However, Phytophagous Beetles of Europe, Tome 3 will help you to recognise the most common species and the most characteristic of the different genera with the aid of the associated descriptions and plentiful illustrations, black and white drawings and colour plates. Each species entry gives its habitat, biology and the adults’ period of appearance in Europe. Maps are provided to show their distribution in Europe, from the Iberian Peninsula and Great Britain to Scandinavia and sicily. The names of the host plants on which the larvae develop and where adults can most often be found are given. Also described are details of methods and equipment needed for catching the beetles. Clear explanations show to prepare the beetles once harvested, build up a collection and conserve it for the future use.