Rare Birds in Britain and Ireland (1976)

Poyser Monographs

Boken presenterer forekomsten av 221 sjeldne arter i Storbritannia og Irland.

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Fotos - illustrasjoner:Strektegn., kart, fig.
Serie:Poyser Monographs
Forfatter:J. T. R. Sharrock, E. M. Sharrock

Digitalt nytrykk av original fra 1976 (print on demand)

Forlagets egne omtale:

J. T. R. Sharrock is uniquely placed to write about the rare birds of Britain
and Ireland. He is a member of all three bodies which adjudicate on such records
– honorary secretary of the British Ornithologists’ Union’s Records
Committee and a member of both the British Birds Rarities Committee and the
Irish Records Panel. He is already the author of a companion book which deals
with a selection of the commoner rarities, Scarce Migrant Birds in Britain and
Ireland (see back of this jacket for details).

In this new, much fuller book the enormous task of collation of over 8000
records and their visual display as maps and histograms was carried out by Mrs
E. M. Sharrock. The textual and visual analysis deals with 221 different
species. Between them, the authors present a complete picture of rare birds in
Britain and Ireland:

* HOW MANY are seen?
* WHEN do they occur?
* HOW regularly do they come?
* WHERE are they seen?

There are line drawings of all 221 species by well-known bird artists: Robert
Gillmor, P. J. Grant, R. A. Richardson, D. I. M. Wallace and lan Willis.

Jacket design by Robert Gillmor