Rewilding – The Illustrated Edition

The Radical New Science of Ecological Recovery

Rewilding – The Illustrated Edition viser hvordan økologer gjenoppretter tapte bånd mellom dyr, planter og naturlige forstyrrelser som er grunnlaget i blomstrende økosystemer.

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Fotos - illustrasjoner:100 f.foto og f.ill
Forlag:Icon Books
Forfatter:Paul Jepson, Cain Blythe

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Rewilding reveals the ways in which ecologists are restoring the lost interactions between animals, plants, and natural disturbances that are the essence of thriving ecosystems. It looks into a past in which industrialization and globalization have downgraded our grasslands; at present projects restoring plants and animals to their natural, untamed state; and into the future, with ten predictions for a rewilded planet.

This illustrated edition combines beautiful natural history images with infographic flow-charts depicting the ‘trophic cascades’ of biodiverse ecosystems, to explore a brave new world repopulated with wild horses and cattle, beavers, rhinos, and wolves.