Schwegler luktemiddel – mot katt, hund, rev og mår

Anti-katt luktemiddel fra Schwegler. Stoffet er basert på et naturekstrakt som har vist spesielt effektivt til å holde hunder, katter, rev og mår på avstand. Brukes utendørs og har varighet 1-3 uker avhengig av værforhold.

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Lukteskremmeren er aktuelt til bruk på fuglekasser i hekketida mot katt og mår, ved ringmerking eller steder i hus og hage der man ikke ønsker katter.

Produsentens info

Made from natural ingredients, this Aromatic Animal Repellent has been used successfully for many decades to keep martens, cats and dogs away from houses and gardens. The animals are repelled by the odour. It helps to prevent martens from gnawing at car parts in garages and when parked, and keeps martens away from the recesses and cavities used by nesting birds, including nest boxes. How to use: Use in places like roof spaces, engine compartments, sheds and nest boxes. It is recommended that the liquid is applied in small quantities to an absorbent material such as softwood, or onto pieces of clay or brick, so that it evaporates slowly. Keep off paintwork and other sensitive polished surfaces or plastics because it may damage them. To be sure, try first on small areas which are not exposed to view.

In covered areas, using only small amounts, it remains effective for approximately 5 to 7 days. Damp will intensify the odour temporarily but will subsequently cause it to fade away much quicker too. Use in enclosed living spaces is not recommended.