Sirui ST-124+VA-5 Carbon Tripod Video Kit – Stativ med videohode

Sirus ST-124+VA-5 Carbon Tripod Video Kit passer for teleskoper og videokameraer.

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Høyde sammenslått (cm):47
Max høyde (cm):155
Lastekapasitet (kg):2
Vekt (g):400

Sirui ST-124+VA-5 Carbon Tripod Video Kit

The Sirui Standard Series tripods are compact, lightweight, strong and waterproof.

Packed with features they are the perfect match mirrorless and compact DSLR cameras made for Video.

Leightweight and strong carbon fiber sections provide the ultimate stability for your camera. The large leg diameters enhance the strength of the carbon layers.

The unique triangle shaped center column allows for a more compact design as well as a sturdier center section. The center column can be reversed to achieve ultra low shooting sections.

An extra feature is waterproof twist leg locks.

This tripod have interchangeable rubber feet and metal spikes, and 4 section legs.

Professional Fluid Video Head have a fluid system designed to produce smooth pans and tilts. And an internal spring-assisted counter-balance mechanism provides added support, smoother tilt movements and protection to your equipment.

Forward/backward camera position adjustments for balance are fast and easy. And the dual safety lock system prevents the camera from falling off when the primary locking mechanism is loosened.

To make horizontal alignment of the head extra easy, there are 2 bubble levels – one on the base of the head to align the tripod and one on top of the video head to align the camera (a SIRUI first!).


Midtsøyle Ja
Beinets diameter (mm) 26,5
Diameter montering 3/8″, 1/4″
Type hode Video
Type beinlås Twist Lock
Antall ledd 4
Materiale Karbonfiber, Aluminium
Antall libeller 2
Hurtigkopling Ja
Tilt vinklingområde (°) 160
Egenskap stativføtter Ispigg, Gummi
Vekt (gr) 1800
Type plate Arca
Sammenfoldet lengde (mm) 600
Maksimimum høyde (mm) 1700
Maksimal vekt belastning (kg) 3
Minste høyde (mm) 495