Swarovski SLC 15×56 W B – Utsiktskikkert

En høykvalitetskikkert med ekstra stor forstørrelse og god kvalitet. Et alternativ til teleskop dersom man skal kikke lenge av gangen, da toøyde kikkerter er mindre slitsomme å bruke lenge av gangen for øynene.

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Swarovski Stativadapter SLC

Hendig kikkertfeste som er tilpasset SLC 42 og SLC 56-modellene. Kikkertene kan da festes på Swarovski (og Manfrotto) stativer.

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Varenummer: 114123 Kategorier: ,
Vekt (g): 1200
Dimensjoner (mm): 194x141x73
Synsfelt (m) v/ 1000m: 78
Nærgrense (m): 3,8
Øyeavstand (mm): 16
Vanntett: Ja, nitrogenfylt
Armering: Gummiarmert
Garanti (år): 10
EAN: 9006325076011

Som de andre Swarovski kikkertene er denne selvfølgelig vanntett og nitrogenfylt og har god garanti. Leveres med Field bag, okulardeksel, objektiv deksler og Swarovskis bærereim.

Swarovskis egen presentasjon


Experiencing wildlife later in the day is particularly attractive for many people. This is precisely the time when otherwise very shy creatures, such as owls or even wildcats, make an appearance. The SLC 56 binoculars will provide you with maximum support as you make your eye-opening discoveries. They impress with their optimized optical system for night use and optimum viewing comfort that prevents any feeling of fatigue during observation.

SLC 8×56 W B

Makes out details a long distance away

The SLC 15×56 binoculars are the expert for observing over long distances. Their 15x magnification and optimized optics, combined with outstanding edge-to-edge sharpness allow you to see special moments, even over expansive areas. The extended depressions for improved grip and the balanced weight ensure maximum comfort when using them.


For anyone wishing to enjoy nature and its challenges even more intensely, the new generation in the traditional SLC family provides perfect binoculars for unique impressions and moments. The top-quality, high-luminosity HD optics, the large field of view, and the perfect ergonomic design offered by the SLC binoculars are ideal for taking with you on longer outdoor trips and enable you to enjoy unspoiled impressions in the wild.


The fluoride-containing HD lenses ensure bright, high contrast images with maximum color fidelity. Enhanced
special coatings support this effect. Taken in combination,
the result is a pair of reliable, high-performance binoculars that let you see
nature in all its glory.


Fluoride-containing HD lenses minimize the color fringing that is unavoidable with conventional types
of glass. As a result, the new SLC provides high
contrast images in natural colors with razor-sharp outlines: exceptionally high
quality crystal-clear images that brings you even closer to the true beauty and
fascinating details to be found in nature.


The enhanced coatings of the lenses and prisms (SWARODUR, SWAROTOP, SWAROBRIGHT)
support the effect of the HD lenses. Observe nature at its finest, even in twilight or difficult lighting
conditions. The SWAROCLEAN coating on the outer surface of the lens provides an anti-stick effect, making
it easier to clean away dirt such as water marks, insect repellents or tree


The SLC stands out in comparison to other binoculars due to its larger exit pupil
distance. This enables eyeglass wearers to enjoy the entire wide-angle field of
view and to benefit in full from the crystal-clear images provided by the new SLC. The SLC 8×42, for instance,
gives a 136 m field of view, providing the best overview in its class. The
removable twist-in eyecups are individually adjustable in three stages.


The new SLC 42 not only offers excellent optical performance. The new focusing mechanism also
enables particularly fast and highly precise adjustments.


Thanks to its short, slender construction, the new SLC fits even better in
your hand. And the new magnesium housing makes it significantly lighter than its
predecessor – ideal for fatigue-free and precise observation, even when
wearing gloves.


Our HD optics feature fluoride-containing lenses, which virtually eliminate color aberrations. The scatter is considerably less with fluoride than with even the best types of optical glass. This enables maximum color fidelity and leads to a significant improvement in resolution and contrast.


Coating for maximum color fidelity across the whole light spectrum: SWAROVSKI OPTIK was the first manufacturer in the world to use this technology in series production.



This non-stick coating on the lenses makes it easier to clean away dirt such as water marks, insect repellents, or tree resin.


Our products are manufactured with ultra precise tolerances of 8 μ, less than a hair’s breadth (approximately 60 μ). It is only through a combination of maximum precision, state-of-the-art technology and adherence to the high SWAROVSKI OPTIK quality standards that we are able to consistently and permanently assure the optical perfection for which SWAROVSKI OPTIK is renowned, including:
– Razor-sharp, high-contrast images with maximum color fidelity as a result of exclusively using high-precision lenses and prisms


To ensure a consistently high quality level in all our products, we subject every product and every phase of production to comprehensive, manual quality controls. Every product also undergoes a full image and material control. Our quality management system has been certified to ISO 9001/2000 since 1999. Our environmental management system has been certified to ISO 14001 since 2000.

Magnification 15
Effective objective lens diameter (mm) 56
Exit pupil diameter (mm) 3.7
Exit pupil distance (eye relief) (mm) 16
Field of view (ft/1000 yds / m/1000 m) 234/78
Field of view (degrees) 4.5
Field of view for eyeglass wearers (degrees) 4.5
Field of view, apparent (degrees) 62
Shortest focusing distance (ft / m) 12.8/3.9
Dioptric compensation (dpt) ± 5
Diopter correction at ∞ (dpt) 8
Light transmission (%) 93
Pupil distance (in/mm) 2.2-3.0/56-76
Twilight factor acc. to DIN 58388 29
Length approx. (in/mm)* 7.56/192
Width approx. (in/mm)** 5.5/141
Height approx. (in/mm)** 2.87/73
Weight approx. (oz/g) 42.3/1200
* Value with eyecups twisted in _
** Dimensions at a pupil distance of 2.5 in / 64 mm _
Functional temperature -13 °F to +131 °F (-25 °C / +55 °C)
Storage temperature -22 °F to +158 °F (-30 °C / +70 °C)
Submersion tightness 13 ft / 4 m water depth (filled with nitrogen)