Telleapparat digital – Elektronisk håndteller

Egnet til å telle alle slags ting, folk og dyr, enten du jobber med fugletellinger, teller poeng i kampsport eller teller besøkende eller tilskuere.

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Dimensjoner (mm):63 x 36
Materiale:Robust plastikk hus

Man klikker på knappen for hvert ind. og kan telle fra 0-9999. Med nakkestropp og resetknapp. Enkel å bruke med en hånd.

Produsentens informasjon:

Product Package

One tally counter in one GOGO paper box.The light weight makes it easy to carry.

Battery is included.


Product Dimension

Size: 2-1/2 inch x 1-2/5 inch x 3/5 inch. This hand tally counter is small in size that fits your hands perfectly. Fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand, portable to anywhere.


High Quality Material

Our GOGO tally counter is made of plastic, makes it smooth and solid. It’s long life, durable, and sturdy

4 digit LCD display;

Count button;

On / Off / Reset button;

Neck strap

A gentle press of the thumb counts from 0000-9999 in increments of one by just pressing count button. Push the reset button brings you back to zero, simple to operate, one-hand operation.


Our quality, durability and low cost make these tally counters your solution for industrial businesses, scientific research, autism / behavior counting, churches, concert venues, tourism and dual more. These Counters are requested specifically for Traffic Analyzers, Counting People, Stadium Counters, inventory Counters and Industrial line Counters.

Our GOGO Hand Tally Counter is great for ticket takers at sporting events or for any other tallying needs. Count anything and everything with ease and simplicity. Keep track of attendance, pitch count, and anything that requires counting.