The Birds of The United Arab Emirates

Helm Field Guides

Feltguide for dette stadig mer populære området å besøke for ornitologer. Basert på Birds of the Middle East, 22. ed, men med nye kart og flere nye plansjer.

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Antall sider:240
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Serie:Helm Field Guides
Forfatter:Simon Aspinall, Richard Porter

Forlagets egen omtale:

UAE is an increasingly popular tourist destination, with a good infrastructure
for visitors. This new field guide is based on the bestselling Birds of the
Middle East (2nd edition) and covers all the birds of these Gulf states. The new
text written by Simon Aspinall and Richard Porter is specific to the Gulf, and
new maps are provided for all breeding birds and regular visitors. The plates
are recomposed from Birds of the Middle East, with three extra plates of
introduced species.
Simon Aspinall has lived in the UAE since 1993, pursuing his professional
interests in conservation and ecology throughout the Middle East and Caucasus.
He has published extensively on natural history, especially within Arabia and
with an emphasis on birds; traveling widely in that quest he has probably seen
more species in the region than any other modern-day birder. Richard Porter has
been involved with birds in the Middle East since 1966 and is an adviser on bird
conservation for BirdLife International. He is the author or co-author of
several books on the Middle East and the groundbreaking Flight Identification of
European Raptors. John Gale, Mike Langman and Brian Small are world-renowned
bird illustrators with many books to their credit.