The Crossley ID Guide:

Eastern Birds

Felthåndbok for det østlige Nord-Amerika. Ny og spennende måte og vise fuglene på i plansjer med sammensatte foto som til sammen består av mer enn 10.000 bilder.

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Antall sider:544
Fotos - illustrasjoner:95 side f-plansjer
Serie:Crossley ID Guide
Forlag:Princeton UP
Forfatter:Richard Crossley

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This stunningly illustrated
book from acclaimed birder and photographer Richard Crossley revolutionizes
field guide design by providing the first real-life approach to identification.
Whether ! you are a beginner, expert, or anywhere in between, The Crossley ID
will vastly improve your ability to identify birds.

  • Revolutionary. This book changes field guide design to make you a better

  • A picture says a thousand words. The most comprehensive guide: 640
    stunning scenes created from 10,000 of the author’s photographs

  • Reality birding. Lifelike in-focus scenes show birds in their habitats,
    from near and far, and in all plumages and behaviors

  • Teaching and reference. The first book to accurately portray all the key
    identification characteristics: size, shape, behavior, probability, and

  • Practice makes perfect. An interactive learning experience to sharpen and
    test field identification skills

  • Bird like the experts. The first book to simplify birding and help you
    understand how to bird like the best

"What’s so different about the Crossley ID Guide? Everything.
Crossley has designed hi! s guide to reflect the way we see and identify birds.
We identify birds by their size, shape, structure, behavior, habitat, and field
marks. We [see] birds at close range, at middle and long distances, on the
ground, in flight, in trees, and on the water. . . . If you want to be a better
birder you will find the new Crossley ID Guide to be [a] major innovation
and a valuable tool."–Wayne Mones,