The Dangerous Snakes of Africa

The Dangerous Snakes of Africa dekker alle de 137 farlige slangene i Afrika, sammen med 70 arter som de lett kan forveksles med.

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Forlag:Bloomsbury Publishing
Forfatter:Stephen Spawls, Bill Branch

Africa is a true hotspot for snake diversity, with several hundred species. Unfortunately, a scared snake or one that is trodden on may bite, and some species have venom that can prove fatal.

The Dangerous Snakes of Africa is an indispensable guide to these reptiles. It covers all 137 dangerous snake species in Africa, along with another 70 species that are easily confused with them. All are described, with each account looking in detail at their identification, habitat and distribution, behaviour and venom, as well as how to treat bites and a selection of photographs, accompanied by an accurate range map. Introductory sections cover the major snake groups, their venom characteristics, how to avoid snake bites and first-aid advice.

This comprehensive book is an essential tool for all naturalists, conservationists, educators, field workers and medical personnel throughout Africa.