The Golden Eagle

2nd edition

Ny, revidert og oppdatert utgave av denne detaljerte monografien om kongeørna. Beskriver alle deler av artens biologi.

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Serie:Poyser Monographs
Forfatter:Jeff Watson

Fra forlagets hjemmeside:

This comprehensive
monograph is a second edition of one of the most popular Poyser monographs; it
covers all aspects of this spectacular eagle’s biology and ecology, including a
full review of the literature and incorporating the considerable body of
research on the species since the publication of the first edition in 1997. The
late Jeff Watson was one of Scotland’s foremost eagle experts, with more than 20
years of research on the birds; following Jeff’s untimely death, the book is
being completed by his colleagues Des Thompson and Helen Riley. Scottish studies
provide the foundation for a treatment that also includes up-to-date information
from work in North America, continental Europe and elsewhere. This global view
allows fascinating insights into the species’ relationships with a variety of
different habitats and leads to many new and important conclusions regarding its
ecology. This highly readable and authoritative account is destined to become
the standard reference on the species, both in Scotland and elsewhere in the
world. The text is enriched with many superb pictures of this majestic bird and
additional wash landscapes capture the very special atmosphere of Scotland’s
Golden Eagle country.

the Author(s)

Jeff Watson was
Scotland’s foremost authority on eagles, with several books and many articles
to his credit including the first edition of this title. Des Thompson and
Helen Riley are renowned ornithologists and ecologists, based in Scotland, who
have completed Jeff’s work.