The World’s Rarest Birds

Denne vakkert illustrerte bok skildrer levende de mest truede fuglene på jorden. Det inneholder oppdatert informasjon fra BirdLife International på hva som er truslene for hver art og tiltak som blir tatt for å hjelpe eller verne dem.

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Antall sider:360
Fotos - illustrasjoner:103 fargeill., 977 fargefotos, 610 kart
Forlag:Princeton UP
Forfatter:Erik Hirschfeld, Andy Swash, Robert Still

590 fuglearter er i dag klassifisert som Endangered eller Kritisk truet, eller som bare finnes i fangenskap. Denne boka har fantastiske fotografier av 515 arter.

This beautifully illustrated book vividly depicts the most threatened birds on Earth. It provides up-to-date information from BirdLife International on the threats each species faces, and the measures being taken to save them. Today, 590 bird species are classified as Endangered or Critically Endangered, or now only exist in captivity. This landmark publication features stunning photographs of 515 species–including the results of a prestigious international photographic competition organized specifically for this book. This is the first time that images of many of these birds have been published. It also showcases meticulously accurate illustrations by acclaimed wildlife artist Tomasz Cofta for the 75 species of which no photographs are known to exist.

The World’s Rarest Birds has introductory chapters that explain the threats birds face in a rapidly changing world, how their threat status is assessed, and how this information is used to set conservation priorities. The book is divided into seven regional sections–Europe and the Middle East; Africa and Madagascar; Asia; Australasia; Oceanic Islands; North America, Central America, and the Caribbean; and South America. Each section highlights particular conservation challenges and threatened bird hotspots, and includes a comprehensive illustrated directory of the most endangered birds, giving a concise description of their distribution, status, population, key threats, and conservation needs. This one-of-a-kind book also covers the 60 Data Deficient species. QR codes are included for every species, linked directly to the relevant species factsheet on BirdLife International’s website, where detailed, up-to-date information is freely available.

Erik Hirschfeld works in air traffic control management and is a freelance writer, guide, and consultant in ornithology. Andy Swash is managing director of WILDGuides and a professional wildlife photographer, naturalist, author, and guide. Robert Still is an ecologist, widely traveled naturalist, and graphic artist who designs books that encourage people to take a greater interest in the natural world.


"A dense, richly informative book. . . . Offers a showcase of struggling birds globally–but each shot through a lens that celebrates their diversity, vibrance, elegance, and enthusiastic displays."–Emma Bryce,

"A must have for those with an interest in bird conservation."–Ian Paulsen, Birdbooker Report

"A coffee table treasure or a rainy day home birding experience. I highly recommend The World’s Rarest Birds as a valuable addition to the libraries of conservationists and birders alike."–Brad Sylvester,, Birdwatching

"The book is educational, promotes conservation, looks nice, but at the same time is a reference source for those rare birds. . . . The World’s Rarest Birds is like that stuff you put in your gas tank to add oomph to your engine, but with birdbooks. A regional library of references will suddenly have high octane information on some of the least known species."–Greg Laden, Science Blogs

"The content makes for disturbing reading, packed as it is with evidence and insight into how man is slowly but surely eliminating many of Planet Earth’s 10,000 bird species. . . . As the publishers quite rightly say with their accompanying literature, ‘this is a book that we all wish wasn’t necessary’ (my emphasis). This is a sentiment that will resonate to most reading this blog but the book needs to find a wider audience rather than simply reach the already converted. The World’s Rarest Birds deserves that wider audience and I sincerely hope it reaches them; otherwise we may need to produce another and more desperate volume in a short number of years. Let’s hope not. This is a great book, and I have a suggestion. Buy two and send one copy to your elected representative at the highest level possible."–Phil Slade, Another Bird Blog

"Absolutely fascinating from start to finish. . . . A must have for all bird lovers!"–Rob Ripma, Nutty Birder