Urban Peregrines

Urban Peregrines er den første boken med dyp fokus på livet til vandrefalker i byer.

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Antall sider:250
Fotos - illustrasjoner:205 fargebilder og 6 ill.
Forlag:Pelagic Publishing
Forfatter:Ed Drewitt

The Peregrine, the fastest bird in the world, has made a remarkable recovery over the past 30 years. As the species re-establishes itself around the world it is becoming a familiar sight in towns and cities.

This beautifully illustrated book is the first in-depth focus on the lives of Peregrines in towns and cities. In words and stunning photographs, Ed Drewitt reveals the latest information on Peregrine behavior including how they are adapting to, and taking advantage of, the urban environment.

The book is also a how-to-guide, with information on finding peregrines, studying their diet, ringing individuals for research, putting up nest boxes and enabling people to learn more about them through public viewing points or web cameras.

Ed also discusses what makes a Peregrine urban, their contemporary relationship with people, and helps dispel some myths and reveal some truths about this agile predator.


1. The Peregrine
2. What is an Urban Peregrine?
3. How to Spot a Peregrine
4. A Year in the Life of an Urban Peregrine
5. Food and Feeding
6. How to Study Peregrines
7. Ringing Urban Peregrines
8. Myths about Peregrines
9. Changing Threats and the Future of the Urban Peregrine
10. People and Peregrines
11. Where Next?
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