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Swarovski okular 25-50x SW zoom

til 65 & 80mm teleskop.

Pris: 6300
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Tilgjengelighet: 4 på lager
Allround vidvinkelokular med skyvbare (skru) okularkapper, velegnet for brillebrukere. Med 42m synsfelt på 25x økes synsfeltet betydelig på de midlere forstørrelsene. Okularet er forbedret også optisk sammenlignet med tidligere okularer.
Vekt i gram295
Lengde mm86
Synsfelt v/ 1000m42-27
Øye relief17mm

Tilbehør til Swarovski okular 25-50x SW zoom.
Swarovski okularring til 20-60x/25-50x
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Swarovski okulardeksel 25-50x/20-60X
Pris: 50

Swarovski okular 25-50x SW zoom passer til.
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Produsent info

All Swarovski Optik eyepieces are watertight and compatible with telescopes of the ATM/STM, ATS/STS series and the CTS.
A glass cover protects against dust and dirt even when the eyepiece is removed. The bayonet connector for quiet and easy change of eyepieces, the automatic safety mechanism guards against accidental unscrewing of the eyepiece. In addition, all eyepieces have
protective eyepiece covers.

The non-stick effect of the SWAROCLEAN coating on the outer surface of the lens makes cleaning objective and eyepiece lenses considerably easier, above all when removing dried-on mineral residues (e.g. water marks due to condensation), insect repellents and tree resin. The lenses require less intensive cleaning which significantly increases the longevity of optical products.

With the new Swarovski Optik 25-50x W eyepiece, you can enjoy the viewing comfort of a wide-angle eyepiece across the entire magnification range. With a weight of only 10.4oz and a unique optical system with a spherical lens for an edge-to-edge viewing experience in sharp detail, this new eyepiece is a tribute to SWAROVSKI OPTIK'S innovative technology.

Outstandingly suitable for digiscoping. This eyepiece is compatible with all existing Swarovski Optik photo adapters.

The magnification range covers the most common settings in birdwatching from scanning the terrain to accurate bird identification. With the wide-angle zoom it is possible to take photos of flocks of birds equally as well as detailed photos of individual species.

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