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Collins Bird Guide 2nd ed, Large Format      Stort format 

The Most Complete Field Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe

Pris: 642
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Tilgjengelighet: 2-4 ukers leveringstid
Utgave i stort format av Collins Bird Guide. Boken har flere tegninger og utvidet tekst i forhold til standardutgaven. Det er planlagt en tilsvarende norsk utgivelse.
Collins Bird Guide 2nd ed, Large Format
ForfatterSvensson mfl.
Antall sider448s
Fotos - illustrasjoner+ 3.500 illus., f-plansjer, kart.
InnbindingHard perm

Boka er den samme som Gyldendals store fugleguide (811031), men med engelsk tekst og hard perm.

Collins Bird Guide 2nd ed, Large Format har relasjoner til.
Collins Bird Guide 2nd ed
Pris: 321

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Forlagets egen omtale

Following on from its hugely successful launch in 1999, "Collins Bird Guide"--the ultimate reference book for bird enthusiasts--now enters its second edition. This enlarged reprint of the second edition has expanded text and additional colour illustrations, and is a must for every birdwatcher. The book provides all the information needed to identify any species at any time of the year, covering size, habitat, range, identification and voice.
Accompanying every species entry is a distribution map and illustrations showing the species in all the major plumages (male, female, immature, in flight, at rest, feeding: whatever is important). In addition, each group of birds includes an introduction which covers the major problems involved in identifying or observing them: how to organise a sea watching trip, how to separate birds of prey in flight, which duck hybrids can be confused with which main species. These and many other common birdwatching questions are answered. The combination of definitive text, up-to-date distribution maps and superb illustrations, all in a single volume, makes this book the ultimate field guide, essential on every bookshelf and birdwatching trip.

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