Birds of Thailand

Birds of Thailand er en fotoguide i lommeformat som dekker 252 fuglearter som det er størst mulighet å se i Thailand.

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Antall sider:144
Fotos - illustrasjoner:f-foto
Serie:Bloomsbury Pocket Photo Guides
Forlag:Bloomsbury Publishing
Forfatter:Michael S. Webster, Chew Yen Fook

Thailand is one of Asia’s leading tourist destinations and a treasure trove for anyone interested in wildlife. This little guide to the birds of Thailand is an excellent introduction for birdwatchers, residents and visitors to the country alike. It covers 252 of the birds that are regularly seen in Thailand as well as a number of endemic species, with more than 250 photographs of the birds. Each photograph is accompanied by clear text explaining key identification points, voice, habitat and behaviour.

Illustrated with clear colour photography and brief but authoritative descriptions the Pocket Photo Guides highlight the species of birds and animals from each region that the traveller is most likely to see, as well as those that are genuinely endemic (only to be seen in that country or region) or special rarities. The genuine pocket size allow the books to be carried around on trips and excursions and will take up minimal rucksack and suitcase space.