Orchids of Britain and Ireland

A field and site guide, Edition 2

En sammenfattende felthåndbok og lokalitetsguide til de Britiske Øyers orkidéer. Alle kjente arter er nøye beskrevet vedrørende biologi, identifkasjon og vern. Boka er rikt illustert med 3-10 fargefotos pr art. Mer enn 300 gode lokaliteter er presentert.

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Orchids have long held a fascination, both for keen botanists and the general public. From the mania of Victorian collectors to the enthusiasm of modern photographers, this family of flowering plants has a strange and exotic appeal. Many orchids are beautiful, and some are rare.

When first published in 2005, this comprehensive and well illustrated guide represented a benchmark for the identification of British and Irish orchids, with detailed information on their biology, habitats, distribution and conservation. It covers all 56 species of wild orchid found in Britain and Ireland.

Until recently, the whereabouts of the rarer species was shrouded in secrecy, making publication of any details ethically impossible. In the last few years, however, these veils have been lifted and it is now possible to publish locations for all but one or two species.

Orchids of Britain and Ireland includes a detailed site guide, covering the 330 places to see orchids in Britain.


Orchid Biology
Orchid Habitats
Orchid Conservation

Field Guide
Notes on the species accounts
Species Accounts
      Lady’s-slipper – Cypripedium calceolus
      Red Helleborine – Cephalanthera rubra
      Sword-leaved Helleborine – Cephalanthera longifolia
      White Helleborine – Cephalanthera damasonium
      Lesser Twayblade – Neottia cordata
      Common Twayblade – Neottia ovata
      Bird’s-nest Orchid – Neottia nidus-avis
      Marsh Helleborine – Epipactis palustris
      Dark-red Helleborine – Epipactis atrorubens
      Broad-leaved Helleborine – Epipactis helleborine
      Violet Helleborine – Epipactis purpurata
      Narrow-lipped Helleborine – Epipactis leptochila
      Dune Helleborine – Epipactis dunensis
      Lindisfarne Helleborine – Epipactis sancta
      Green-flowered Helleborine – Epipactis phyllanthes
      Ghost Orchid – Epipogium aphyllum
      Fen Orchid – Liparis loeselii
      Bog Orchid – Hammarbya paludosa
      Coralroot Orchid – Corallorhiza trifida
      Creeping Lady’s-tresses – Goodyera repens
      Irish Lady’s-tresses – Spiranthes romanzoffiana
      Autumn Lady’s-tresses – Spiranthes spiralis
      Summer Lady’s-tresses – Spiranthes aestivalis
      Musk Orchid – Herminium monorchis
      Man Orchid – Orchis anthropophora
      Monkey Orchid – Orchis simia
      Military Orchid – Orchis militaris
      Lady Orchid – Orchis purpurea
      Early Purple Orchid – Orchis mascula
      Small White Orchid – Pseudorchis albida
      Lesser Butterfly Orchid – Platanthera bifolia
      Greater Butterfly Orchid – Platanthera chlorantha
      Common Fragrant Orchid – Gymnadenia conopsea
      Heath Fragrant Orchid – Gymnadenia borealis
      Marsh Fragrant Orchid – Gymnadenia densiflora
      Early Marsh Orchid – Dactylorhiza incarnata
      Frog Orchid – Dactylorhiza viridis
      Common Spotted Orchid – Dactylorhiza fuchsii
      Heath Spotted Orchid – Dactylorhiza maculata
      Southern Marsh Orchid – Dactylorhiza praetermissa
      Pugsley’s Marsh Orchid – Dactylorhiza traunsteinerioides
      Hebridean Marsh Orchid – Dactylorhiza ebudensis
      Northern Marsh Orchid – Dactylorhiza purpurella
      Irish Marsh Orchid – Dactylorhiza occidentalis
      Dense-flowered Orchid – Neotinea maculata
      Burnt Orchid – Neotinea ustulata
      Lizard Orchid – Himantoglossum hircinum
      Loose-flowered Orchid – Anacamptis laxiflora
      Pyramidal Orchid – Anacamptis pyramidalis
      Green-winged Orchid – Anacamptis morio
      Small-flowered Tongue Orchid – Serapias parviflora
      Greater Tongue Orchid – Serapias lingua
      Fly Orchid – Ophrys insectifera
      Bee Orchid – Ophrys apifera
      Late Spider Orchid – Ophrys fuciflora
      Early Spider Orchid – Ophrys sphegodes
      Other species
Orchid family tree
Map of vice-counties
Orchid flowering periods

Site Guide
Introduction to the site accounts
Useful addresses
Botanical organisations
      Southeast England
      Southwest England and Channel Islands
      East Anglia
      Central England
      Northern England and Isle of Man

Sources of information and bibliography
Index of species