The Birds of Turkey

Sammenfattende fuglehåndbok på engelsk over fuglene i Tyrkia, med detaljert oversikt over utbredelse og forekomst til alle landets påviste arter.

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Antall sider:512
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Forfatter:Guy M. Kirwan, Kerem A. Boyla, P. Castell, B. Demirci, M. Ozen

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Turkey is a popular destination for birders and tourists, and although there has been much published on its birds over the past 40 years, there has never been a comprehensive avifauna. The Birds of Turkey redresses this. It contains a detailed account of every species on the Turkish list, with a full breakdown of records and status, distribution in Turkey, and taxonomy. There are also authoritative introductory chapters on geography, climate, habitats, history of ornithology and conservation.

· The first comprehensive book on Turkish birds

· Written and edited by a team of leading ornithologists, under the auspices of the Ornithological Society of the Middle East

· Covers the status and distribution of every species recorded in Turkey, including all vagrants

· The photographic section covers both the country’s major habitats and key Turkish species, while important introductory chapters cover the history of ornithology, conservation and ecology in Turkey