The Gannet

Poyser Monographs

Grundig monografi med hovedvekt på havsulen i Europa og Nord-Amerika, men med hyppige referanser til de afrikanske og australasiatiske sulene.

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Serie:Poyser Monographs
Forfatter:Bryan Nelson

Digitalt nytrykk av original fra 1978 (print on demand)

Forlagets egen omtale:

author is internationally known for his work on the North Atlantic gannet and
the boobies. His studies of the gannetry on the Bass Rock over many years have
formed the basis for most of our knowledge of the gannet’s ecology, its
breeding cycle and behaviour.

The present work is a distillation of the studies and researches on Sula
in Europe and North America, with frequent reference to the
African and Australasian gannets. There is also a chapter on the boobies, all of
which have been studied at first hand by the author. Chapter topics are plumage,
shape, structure and voice; numbers and distribution; behaviour; ecology; the
bird at sea; the gannet family and the order; the gannet and man. There are many
tables, maps and a full bibliography.

The authoritative text is complemented by John Busby’s brilliant and evocative
drawings, plus 32 pages of photographs, many unpublished hitherto.