The Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals

2. edition

Håndbok som lister alle 1150 afrikanske arter. Oppdatert og revidert med en rekke nye arter. Første valg som håndbok til Afrika for dem som vil ha med seg mer enn de mest kjente artene.

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Forfatter:Jonathan Kingdon

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About this book

Jonathan Kingdon, one of the world’s foremost authorities on African mammals, has both written and illustrated this landmark field guide. The unique combination of his extensive field experience and artistic talent has produced a stunning work that sets new standards.

The concise text provides full information on identification, distribution, ecology, relationships and conservation status, with introductory profiles that summarise the characteristics of each mammal group. All known species of African land mammal are covered, with coverage of several of the more complex groups of small mammals simplified by reference to genera.

Classification has been fully updated and this new edition includes many newly recognised species. With over 500 colour illustrations, numerous line drawings and more than 500 maps, Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals will be an essential companion to anyone visiting Africa or with an interest in the mammals of the continent.


Preface and acknowledgements   6
Checklist of species   8
Introduction to the first edition   20
Introduction to the second edition   21
   Naming and mapping species   23
   Using this guide   27
   Finding and recording mammals   28
The African environment   30
   The past   30
   Physical landscape   33
   Climate   36
   Vegetation   37
Conservation   619
Further reading   624
Glossary   625
Index   632