Wildfowl of the Northern Hemisphere

Boka illustrerer alle de 77 artene av svaner, ender og gjess på den nordlige halvkule. Utfyllende tekst som blant annet omhandler artenes biologi, utbredelse og populasjons størrelse.

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Antall sider:192
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Forlag:Merlin Publications
Forfatter:Ray Hutchins

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Illustrated field guide, showing all 77 species of wildfowl found in the Northern Hemisphere, male and female, Whistling Ducks, Swans, Geese, Shelducks and Ducks, painted in the water and on the water.

Each species account contains information on plumage, distribution, population size, conservation, breeding biology, and ecology with an explanation of the derivation of the Latin name, this latter has not been done before. The accounts are laid out so that all relevant information for each species is contained within a two page spread for easy cross-referencing between the text and the artwork.

At the end of the book, there are useful sections on Where to See Wildfowl giving brief details of sites right across the Northern Hemisphere with more detailed information for UK sites managed by the RSPB and the WWT.

With a foreword by Dr. Baz Hughes.