The Biology of Lakes and Ponds

3nd edition

This is an introduction to the fascinating biology and ecology of lakes and ponds. It gives a comprehensive and accessible overview of the evolution of freshwater organisms, the importance of biotic interactions.

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Antall sider:338
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Serie:Biology of Habitats Series
Forfatter:Christer Brönmark, Lars-Anders Hansson

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A concise but comprehensive introduction to the biology of standing waters (lakes and ponds). As with other books in the Biology of Habitats Series, the emphasis in The Biology of Lakes and Ponds is on the organisms that dominate freshwater environments. Management and conservation aspects are also considered. The first edition of the book published in 1998 with a second, revised edition in 2005. There has been significant development in the field since the last revision appeared, particularly in the ecology of lakes and ponds in subtropical and tropical areas, and a new revision of this now classic text is timely.


1: Introduction
2: The abiotic frame and adaptations to cope with abiotic constraints
3: The organisms: the actors within the abiotic frame
4: Biotics: competition, herbivory, predation, parasitism, and symbiosis
5: Food web interactions in freshwater ecosystems
6: Biodiversity and environmental threats